5 MUST-DOs to Have the Best Senior Photos in 2022

Ever wonder how all these girls get the prettiest senior photos? How do you pick a location? How do you find something different and fun? How do you make it not overwhelming?? Girl - I am here to tell you that this thing will be a breeze (and fun at the same time!) There are so many amazing ideas you can do and I am here to spill it all!!

LOCATION, location, location!! Start by where you want to take your pics! I started by getting ideas from pinterest and found that my favorite pictures were always in fields at sunset! So that is where I first started. Instagram photographers in your area and find the best one that takes field pics (or whatever type you want - in front of your high school, football stadium, you get the point lol)!!

Once you find your spot, talk with your photographer about fun, different ideas they would like to do! Mention some things you want as well! Cap and gown? Cheer uniform? Make sure they know your plan so it's easy to schedule time and photo ideas! We went with something totally different - best friend picnic pics! Cute right, ya I know ;) hehe!

Now that you have settled your ideas, you have a plan! Start buying outfits that match your vibe to get the full senior pic effect!! They will look so so cute! I went with neutrals because my photographer's feed was more brown and red tones. I LOVED the way she edited too - that leads me to my #1 TIP: do NOT take pics with a photographer whose instagram feed you don't like! Presets are everything, y'all!

Now get everything together you need! For our shoot we needed food and props for our picnic, so we made a checklist for easy planning! I also recommend bringing a clothing rack and blanket if you are in a public place and have to change in front of a road or something (we were in a rando field next to the main street lol), and the clothing rack's just easy because your clothes won't get dirty or wrinkled!

Lastly, have fun! You have everything prepped: outfits, photographer, poses, props/clothes checklist, location, and blanket to change (plus a clothing rack if ya can haha - we're just extra but I love it)! I hope y'all have the best senior pics ever friends!! Live up this year; it flies by :( *bittersweet*

Love you guys!! 🥰

xo Cara

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