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6 Outfit Essentials You Have to Have this Spring!

Hey fam! Welcome back to my blog, and my second post eva!! *eek* I am literally up writing this post at 11pm because I am so excited! I kinda love this!! For this weeks post be prepared for several mirror selfies because we are talking CLOTHES!! (aka my fave thing)! These are the top 6 items that you need for this spring and summer! They are all versatile, they never go out of style, and they come in so many different price points (which is good news for you, and for me!) Yay!! It doesn't matter your age or style! I promise you will find something here for YOU! I am ranging from dresses, to casual jeans, to fun accessories, y'all! All of the best stuff! Now...I'll stop with my rambling (as I always do haha!); let's get on into it!

Blue Jean Shorts: Now, I know everyone has a hard time finding their perfect pair of jean shorts. As for me, I like distressing, but with enough length that covers everything I have lol! I got these cuties at AE in a size 4! I typically wear a size 6, but I would definitely size down in these!! If these aren't your personal style, I recommend still wearing denim throughout the spring and summer! It's always-trending and never out of style! If you want more full coverage, go for a longer 90s boyfriend length. If you aren't a fan of distressing, go for simple and cute! No matter what way you buy them, what brand, it's all whatever is comfortable to you! But jean shorts will and should always be a staple throughout the spring and summer months! You can dress them up or dress them down - they're the perfect go to! (p.s. if you don't love jean shorts, try a light pair of jeans that aren't too hot for the summer - there are so many ways to find your perfect denim, so don't give up!) My fave recommendations are👇

⭐️AE boyfriend shorts (pictured above!) - distressed, 3-4 in denim with stretch and high waist (full coverage back) Size 000 to 24!!

⭐️AE Mom cuffed shorts - nondistressed, 3-4 denim a TON of stretch, super high waisted and full coverage back, size down! Size 000 to 24!!

⭐️Old Navy' shorts - a TON of different color options, many different inseam options (2.5, 3, 5 in inseams!), full coverage back, very flattering!

⭐️'SPANX' jeans - I linked the light denim pair, but search the site for the white pair too (PERFECT for spring!) I know these are pricey, so keep your eye out for them if they're over your budget and consider saving up, these babies are miracle workers no matter what size you are! SO flattering, SO many compliments, and NO food baby lol!! they also have all sizes ranging from petite to tall! yay!

⭐️AE shortie-short jeans: these cuties are as it says in the name short! if you love a good short jean, these are perfect for you! so cute for a festival or summer event out! these are a short inseam, so if you're a full-coverage girl like me, opt out of these for the AE boyfriend jeans (they still give you the distressed look with more length!)

PSA: If there is anything else y'all would recommend let me know! I love to hear y'all's feedback!!❤️

The Perfect Summer Sandals: My favorite sandals for the past two years have been these super cute espadrilles I got from Red Dress Boutique! I also have a cheetah print pair from them as well that I get SOO many compliments on! I love them! They're so perfect to just dress down with shorts and a light sweater, or to dress up with your Sunday church dress! They're so versatile! If you're going for a more classy sandal, I love a good flat, brown leather sandal! I'll link all my faves below! Just know, a spring/summer sandal is an ESSENTIAL for these seasons! Find your fave and rock them day and night (I sure do lol - if you know me I LIVE in sandals)!!

⭐️Sandals pictured above are here!

⭐️Espadrilles in ALL colors, prints, etc. (including cheetah print ones!) here!

⭐️Basic flats that come in so many cute and different colors at Pink Lily Boutique!

⭐️Everyone's favorite summer, kayak sandal lol (if you're local, shop these at Wilkies Outfitters in Lebanon, TN), if not buy online here! :)

⭐️Edgy, studded black sandals (SO CUTE, y'all!!) linked here! Warning: these are pricey...view at your own risk lol!

⭐️Cute, leather flip flops! A cuter version of the rubber shower shoes haha! Only $9!

If you have any other cute spring sandal in mind, DM here, or leave me a suggestion in the box below!

Perfect, Pastel Spring Sweater: I live in sweaters!! It is probably my favorite clothing item for all year round!! They're just so pretty and flattering on everyone, and you can wear them for every season by switching up the textures and thicknesses! For my spring sweater, I chose this oversized lilac sweater that is a free people dupe! It is still on sale at Poppies and comes in hot pink and this pretty purple color! This sweater is thicker, because I am typically still chilly in the spring, but you can switch it up with lighter options as always! Here are my fave options! 👇

⭐️My lilac sweater!! It comes in small online, but there are more sizes in-store downstairs!

⭐️This hot pink fringe sweater to really stand out and make your day brighter + it's on sale!

⭐️Lightweight, cropped creamy sweater for cutie skater skirts and jeans!

⭐️Cute, lightweight taupe sweater perfect for warm spring days!

Boutique or "Poppie's" Hat (as my friends like to call it lol): Y'all - I know you see me walking around with hats on all year long lol. These hats are perfect for any time of year, and there are so many different options! You can buy larger brims, sturdier/thicker felts, floppy hats, taller crowns, different colors and textures. There are so many options! In the spring, I love to go for lighter colors like pastels and ivory, p.s. they'd go perfect with any easter dress! As summer comes in to play, I reach for more woven hats (linked below!) because they are just so beachy and pretty! Like I said, there are so many options, and they all look so cute. Plus, throw on a hat and it automatically vamps up any outfit. Literally jean shorts, a cute tshirt, a hat, BOOM cute outfit lol! And don't be afraid to venture out. . . I see so many people (my besties included) that try on hats but never think they can pull them off. You CAN!! You just have to find the right one and buy it! I'm telling y'all, I understand it can be scary buying the first hat because they're different from what everyone wears! But who cares, where what you want (you know you look cute in it)!! You'll also look extra cute with a super cute hairstyle to add to the hat! You can learn do this same hairstyle here! Enough with the rambling (again) lol!! I'm linking below all my favorite options at different price points below!

⭐️Beach vibes woven flat brim hat! Perfect for pretty days by the pool!

⭐️Beachy floppy hat!! So cute + they have embroidered options on the Pink Lily site!

⭐️Affordable, felt flat brim for when you aren't too sure, but want to try one out for the first time!

⭐️Nicer, firm brim hats that are the nicest quality without the highest price tag! Just search the page, you'll find a hat you like, I promise + they're all adjustable!

⭐️Gorgeous, real wool hats for the girls willing to splurge! Literally the prettiest hats I have ever seen! Sign up for rewards to get 10% off your first order!

Floral + Dainty Easter Dress: When I think of Easter ad Spring, I think of all things pastel, bright, airy, and floral! One of my fave picks this year for easter has to be this sweet and dainty floral ruffle dress from, you guessed it, Poppies Boutique! I do not have the this exact dress linked because I bought it last summer, BUT I will link dupes and a few other dresses that will be so cute not only for easter but also for spring and summer!! Lol...I'm sure you can tell I'm patiently waiting for summer haha! P.s. Poppies and Red Dress had the biggest launch of cute easter and spring dresses that are so adorable!! I also can't forget to mention Pink Lily's latest Easter SALE drop they posted the other day!! It's the cutest dresses, all breezy and light, that are all around 65% percent off!

⭐️Pink Lily Easter Sale tab!

⭐️Perfect, breezy gingham dresses that scream summer and sun!

⭐️Beautiful floral dresses for any spring occasion!

⭐️Any dress you'd ever want linked here + also check out the Poppie's Easter 'Dressy' and 'Casual' tab for other Easter inspo!

Edgy Leather Shorts: I know this piece is a little out of the box, but if you're looking for a more edgy spring look, I LOVE the leather short trend! For spring, I love the camel tones, but you could also easily dress up black with pastels and ivories for a spring(ier) look! OBSESSED!!

⭐️Black leather shorts!

⭐️Cream leather shorts from These Three Boutique!

⭐️Pretty ivory leather skirt!

Thank y'all so much, again, for reading my second blog post EVER!! If you have any questions or comments, ask away below or DM me!👇 I love to hear your feedback and comments; they make my day! If you have any recommendations lmk as well! I hope you enjoyed my first style post, and shop the looks til you drop! Love y'all!!

xo Cara 🥰


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