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BTS Photoshoot for Chosen Girl!!

Happy Sunday pretty friends!! 🌞Thank y'all so much for sticking around and reading my blogs - y'all are the sweetest!! I wanted to give y'all a little behind the scenes today for one of Poppie's Boutique sister brands Chosen Girl! If you don't know about Chosen's a Christian tee company that does fun advents, bible studies, and so much more - plus they have a podcast and it's the BEST (and of course, if you don't know what Poppie's is, it's a super cute boutique I work at in my hometown)!! So, now that you have the run down, let's get into the fun shoot!!

Let's start with the peeps that started it all - Sarah and Liz are the owners of Chosen Girl! They set up all the shoots, record all the podcasts, create the tees, devotionals, bible studies, they do everything!! If you don't already know Liz or Sarah, I highly recommend lol! Go follow both the boss ladies and Chosen Girl on instagram! (p.s. thanks Sarah and Liz *if you're reading this* for the fun shoot haha!)

We started the shoot with tons of chicken minis, coffee, and meeting at the cutest location, Demeter's Common!! Don't worry a review is on the way (cutest grocery store/mercantile/pic location) lol! Here is the cutest pic of her store - we had so much fun taking mirror selfies, picking out the tees we wanted to wear, and taking random candids around the store!

After we munched and picked out our outfits, we all took to different locations - meaning the street and rando places around the shop haha! I, of course, did my blogger thing and took pics of mal's store for a fun review of Demeter's!! Fun fact: CG (chosen girl) not only takes professional photos on a camera, but we also take pics on our phones! Here's a pic of me being a *photographer* and posing the queen models lol - jk Maggie is actually our main photographer for both Poppies AND CG! Y'all go check her out on insta (p.s. she's a blogger too *wink*)!

Before we left the shoot, I had to grab my fave shirt from the Eden + Evergreen CG launch!! This cutie tee is not only super soft, but it also shows how every season Jesus is there for us - "every desert has an eden; every forest has an evergreen" -CG! The sweetest message!! Also follow my girl Hallie on insta for fashion inspo!!

Thank y'all for reading this post!! I hope y'all enjoyed it! As always, feel free the read other posts and scroll through my site! DM me if you have any suggestions or write one below! Love y'all and so much more fun stuff to come!!🥰Make sure y'all check out chosen girl and support the brand!! They have the tees, sweatshirts, stickers, and more!

Xo Cara

"God is for you no matter the season you're in" - Chosen Girl Movement


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