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Cutest Graduation Party Ideas of 2021

Ahhh!! It's that time of year where all the seniors graduate and all the festivities begin: senior trip, graduation, graduation parties to attend and throw, tassel hassel, and so much more! My favorite activity to set up this year for my graduation, though, was the party planning!! I mean, I loved it! So, here's a few of my favorite grad party ideas inspired by pretty pink, gold, and white tones!

  1. Balloon Arch!! We have to start with the belle of the ball and my favorite decor piece at our party the balloon arch!! OMG we were obsessed. You can totally make this gorgeous arch on your own by just watching a youtube video, but I'm so glad to had someone do ours because it never would have turned out like this! It was absolutely gorgeous and I totally recommend getting it done professional if you have the money to! You can use any colors you want, too! I loved how ours was different, though and the colors complimented each other well! The girl who did ours even cut a little bit off and put it on the other side of our tent because our lights didn't reach all the way! So creative and pretty!

2. Lightsss - This was such a last minute decision lol! We rented a tent and noticed it had these poles to hold it in place, so we thought it'd be a cute idea to hang pretty lights from it!! They turned out soo cute omg (even in the daylight haha)! We just had some outdoor lights laying around at the house, but if you don't have them you can easily run to Lowe's and get some for like $15! If you don't have a tent, you can always get outdoor poles and run them through that as well!

3. Affordable centerpieces - If you loved the balloon arch and decide to make that the center of your event, I suggest toning it down with simple and affordable centerpieces that don't break the bank, especially if you spent a pretty penny on the balloon arch! We just printed pictures and put them on each table with a wood circle underneath! We took mason jars we had at home and filled them with baby's breath and eucalyptus from our local Kroger! Then, we just tied twine around the jars for extra cuteness.

4. Graduation Flowers - I literally just took the graduation flowers my parents got me and repurposed them by using them as a decor piece for our food and drinks table! So cute, right?😉 Thanks hehe.

5. Advice and polaroid board! This is the cutest way to remember your guests for forever! We just got a chalkboard and wrote the sign, and then put a little basket for guests to put their pictures and advice in for the grads to keep! So sweet and thoughtful! We were given the advice cards as a gift, but you can totally print out your own online!

6. Boujee Water bottles - We just ordered these online lol. It just adds a little something extra to your graduation water haha!! All we did was wrap them around regular grocery store waters!

7. Adorable cake - looks expensive, right? My momma made it!! Just make a normal cake and add icing, then scrape it off to make a "naked" cake! So cute! Then we just took a few flowers from the graduation bouquet and added them the spice it up! I loved the way it turned out!

Yayyy!! I hope y'all loved all the ideas we used this year, and use it for your party in the years to come!! If y'all have any suggestions DM me here, message me on Pinterest, or leave a comment in the suggestion box below! Love y'all and as always

Xo Cara

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