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Day In The Life of a High School Blogger

Good morning y'all! Or afternoon, or whatever time or day it is when you're reading this lol. I'm writing this in the morning so that's probably why I started the blog this way lol - I'm tired. But anyways! Welcome to the blog! If y'all didn't know me, I'm Cara! I love all things fashion, beauty, and shopping. A typical girly girl for sure. Since I am graduating in six days, I thought I'd give y'all one day in the life while I am still in high school *sad* (can't believe it's actually happening)! If you follow me on instagram (if you don't follow here lol), you may have already seen some BTS, but this blog will really go more into depth about my day, my work life at Poppies Boutique, and how I blog! Now, let's get into it!

Since I fell asleep late the night before, I woke up around 8am to get ready for work! Today's fit in all linked below! (if it already sold out I'll link similar options!) After I got ready, I took an ootd pic for instagram, grabbed breakfast, and headed to work at Poppies!

⚡️sweater is from H&M, but sold out so I just linked a similar one here :)

⚡️dress (I wore as a skirt lol) is sold out, but here's a cute skirt option that are similar!

⚡️shoes are sold out as well but I linked a few here ($$$) and here ($)!

⚡️teal earrings or customize your own!

⚡️bolt necklace is sold out, but search Mary Kathryn's site for even cuter options!

⚡️huggie earrings

⚡️chain bracelet (it's actually a necklace I just wrapped around my wrist twice haha)

Once I got to work, I opened the store. So, I turned on the lights, music, candles, and just set the vibe for the store. At the beginning of the day, I answered a few calls and did over-the-phone orders. Once the customer rush started to slow down, I went upstairs to start on some of y'alls online orders! Our Lebanon location also houses our online web room! So, all orders are fulfilled and shipped out at our Lebanon store! We had about 50 orders today so it took a few hours :) Also peep our supa cute packaging!!

After I finished orders, I worked downstairs the rest of the day until 4pm! This month, we've been doing "local local Saturdays" which is where we invite other local vendors to the store to sell their products for a few hours! It's literally my favorite thing because the vendors are always so sweet, and it makes the store so fun because it brings even more people in the store to chat, shop, and just have a fun time! This weekend, we had Caitlyn from Little Big Dog Treats (the sweetest girl ever!)! I mean look how cute these sweet little treats are!

⚡️read sweet Caitlyn's story here!

⚡️shop treats here!

After I got off work, I headed home to work on the blog and publish my latest blog post all about prom (shameless plug to my prom post here hehe)!! It was so much fun to write!

Then I worked on some Pinterest marketing and made a new pin! If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, follow me here! Ps THANK Y'ALL for 4,000 views on my Pinterest that day!! My goal was 10k by the summer, but I just checked today and we're already at 12k y'all!! Y'all are the sweetest agh!! So, anyway I'm gonna hush but just thank y'all so much! 🥺🥰

And that's all queens! After I finished Pinterest marketing I got ready to go out shopping with my best friend for her birthday *she's pictured above hehe*! (shoutout the my bestie Chlo Chlo!!) 😙 She just turned 18 lol! Thank y'all so much for reading the blog today and I hope y'all enjoyed it! Love love y'all, and as always...

xo Cara

"Create the life you can't wait to wake up to" - anonymous


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Hey, y'all! My name is Cara Kough, and I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school! I love all things fashion, beauty, hair, travel, and food!! Thank y'all so much for listening in; I cannot wait for the next post :)

xo Cara

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