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How To Edit Photos Professionally on iPhone!

Ever wonder how some people have the prettiest feeds, but always take photos with their iPhone! Do you ever want to know where they edit their pictures and what filter they use? I get so many questions asking how I edit my pictures for instagram, facebook, and Pinterest! So, I'm here to finally tell y'all!

Lightroom mobile: The app I use to edit pictures is Lightroom mobile. I just use the free version, but you can buy the app for more filters and editing tools! As a beginner, though, I recommend the free version for now!

Filters: Lightroom has a huge variety of filters you can play around with until you find the one you like best (warning y'all: some filters are BRIGHT so you have to edit the light and color in the app - but once you do, the pics always turn out so cute!) My favorite filter I use is called "tiiiina - marietta pimenta" (you can just search this in the app!) I know it's a weird name but it makes my pictures so light and pretty! You can find tons of other free filters in the 'discover' section of lightroom!

Adding the preset: Once you have found the preset you like, save it to 'your presets'! Then, go to library, hit add image, and insert any image you want to edit into the app. Once you do this, go to 'presets' in the down bar and add your filter!

Adjust lighting and temperature: Now y'all, I know the filter may look crazy bright once you apply it to the photo, but adjusting a few things make it look SO good! First, I start by adjusting the 'light' setting. In this photo, I decreased the exposure, shadows, and increased the whites. The pic already looks a thousand times better after this!! Then, all you have to do is go to color, and adjust from there. I look my temperature and saturation down a tiny bit. But you can adjust the lighting and temperature to whatever looks best for your preset!

You're done!!: I'm telling y'all once you get the hang of Lightroom, it takes me about a minute to edit a picture! It's super easy and such a cute way to make your pictures pop! All you have to do now is save your image and export it to your camera roll. To do this, press and hold the image. Then press share and export to camera roll! Now you can post and have the cutest pics on insta!🥰

Thank y'all for stopping by to read my blog!! Y'all are the sweetest and I hope you enjoyed it! Comment a 🤍 on my latest instagram/facebook post if you came from the blog! Love yall!

xo Cara

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