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How to Find Your Perfect Prom Dress, Hairstyle, Shoes, and More!

Y'all prom was so fun this year, so I have been dying to share how I found my perfect dress, hairstyle, makeup, even down to my shoes!! Ever wonder what color shoes would go best with the gorgeous dress? Or what hairstyle goes best with your dress? Prom can be so overwhelming sometimes, so I am here to help y'all out sweet friends!! Let's find you the perfect prom look!!🥰

The dress. There are so many prom dresses it can be overwhelming, so I suggest looking on Pinterest at your favorite styles so you can go in the dress shops with a plan in mind. A lot of people think certain dresses are only for blondes or red heads, but I have learned that what really makes your dress beautiful is how you feel in it!! It's all up to YOU girl! Find a dress YOU feel good in and never want to take off; that's how you know it's the one!

pastel dress ideas

⚡️neutral dress ideas

⚡️floral dress

⚡️my personal fav


The hair! OMG y'all. My favorite part of prom dress shopping has to be the accessorizing. Now, I know hair isn't necessarily an accessory, but it can make or break your outfit. I chose a ponytail to show off my strapless dress! Remember, it's all about how YOU feel and what you love! If you're going for elegant and love timelessness, a low bun would be so cute! Or, if you love simple, plain curls are so pretty! Really anything that makes you feel amazing is what you should do with that beautiful hair!

⚡️pretty braid

⚡️cute pony

⚡️classy bun

⚡️pretty half up

Makeup. I personally LOVE a pop of eyeshadow or lipstick that matches your dress! You can also go super simple wit pretty nudes or shimmers! Some girls even like wearing minimal or no makeup and they look gorgeous!! By all means, you do not have to wear makeup at prom, but for those of you who love to get dolled up, makeup may be fun for you! Play around with fun colors and styles and find something that makes that stunning dress and hair pop!

⚡️natural glam

⚡️colorful eyeshadow

⚡️fun lip color

⚡️pretty + natural

⚡️full glam

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Shoes have grown to be my favorite style tool of all time! I chose black to match my date's out *shoutout to brady y'all lol!* but I loved some girls gold and silver shoes I saw at prom with their sparkly dresses!! Sooo pretty! I suggest your shoes matching your jewelry if that's your vibe (very on-trend this year). There are also a ton of cute flats and nude heels you can go for too that are so cute!

⚡️pretty printed heels

⚡️sparkly heels

⚡️neutral nude heels

⚡️pretty flats

⚡️colorful heels

Jewels. My favorite part of my dress was my emerald green earrings. It made me feel classy, timeless, put together, and feel like I was going to a gala or some gorgeous fairytale place. This is how your jewelry should make you feel!! I loved color-matching my dress to my jewelry, but silvers and golds are beautiful too. It's really all about what makes you feel amazing!

⚡️pretty earrings

⚡️cute ring

That's all girlies!! I hope y'all loved this post and had as much fun as I did with it! I had so much fun at prom and I hope y'all did too! Every look I saw was absolutely beautiful!! If you haven't checked out my last post all about more senior year things you can click here! I hope y'all have a wonderful rest of y'alls week beauties! Love y'all + feel free to DM me or message me below with suggestions or comments!!

xo Cara 😚

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