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Iced Toffee and Caramel Coffee Recipe You Can Make At Home!

Have you been looking how to make that perfect iced coffee at home, but never feel like it tastes right? Girl, I felt the same way until I finally figured out how to make this toffee and caramel iced coffee recipe! It's so easy and simple to do, and it doesn't taste like store bought creamer or toffee syrup! It takes just like a Starbucks drink!


1tbs caramel sauce

1tbs light or dark brown sugar

1tsp vanilla extract

1tsp salt

Your liking of half & half (this is your creamer)

Iced coffee maker (I use the Ninja Coffee Maker) OR your favorite choice of iced coffee from the store (my fave linked above for purchase at Target)


  1. Brew your iced coffee using your coffee machine, or your iced coffee from the grocery, go ahead and pour the ice in your drink before brewing

  2. Mix in the brown sugar and salt

  3. Next, mix in your vanilla extra and caramel sauce

  4. Lastly, pour as much half & half as you would your coffee creamer

And thats it! It's that easy! I hope y'all enjoyed my easy little iced caramel and toffee coffee recipe this week. If y'all want more coffee recipes ask in the suggestion box below or DM me here! Of course, fall drinks to come! love y'all and as always

xo Cara

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