June Recaps and Favorites



What We Said Podcast. My top favorite this month, next to our new coffee machine, is Jaci Marie and Chelsey Curtis' podcast called What We Said. I've loved this pod for a while, but I recently just started bingeing it from the very first episode, and I'm obsessed! If y'all haven't listened to this pod I highly highly recommend! It's like your talking with your girlfriends! They give you the best advice, laughs, and honesty! Even if you aren't into podcasts, this one's for you! Think of it more like facetiming your bestie.

Ninja Coffee Maker. Next fave of this month is 100% my family's new Ninja Coffee Maker! We actually got it for my day for Father's Day, but I can assure y'all that Mom and I have put it to good use too lol. My favorite drink I've made so far is an iced caramel coffee with caramel cold foam. Y'all. You heard that right. It even make COLD FOAM. How can a coffee machine be so perfect?? I'm for real a starbucks barista in my own household. The machine has an easy to use frother, iced coffee option, expresso, machiato, and late option! It makes both hot and iced coffee in cup sizes classic, XL, travel, multi serve, half, and full pots. Not sponsored, just obsessed. Ninja plz sponsor me. Also, it's $119 at best buy sooo $50 freaking dollars off. Runnnn!!!

Mr. Nobody by Catherine Steadman. Y'all. I've been on my readin game lately. I've even been going to the library, and it's just so calming and fun to explore and pick out new books + it keeps our library up and running by keeping business there! Also, you can't beat free books! So go out to your local library and help the community. Recently, I read this book by Catherine Steadman, NY Times bestselling author, and I was hooked!! A thriller about a man who doesn't know his identity and his psychiatrist, who seems to learn more abut herself as the patient remembers his personality. It's exciting, nerve-racking, and thrilling all at the same time, and honestly it's slept on. No one talks about this book, so give it a read, y'all! 10/10.

Jaci Marie, Lauren Norris, and Erika Diane Vlogs. Best youtubers of the month y'all! Jaci is a health and business queen + the cohost of the What We Said pod. Obsessed with her is an understatement. Lauren Norris is my fashion and optimist girl! I love seeing what she does for college, lifestyle, and her daily vlogs. She's just such a happy and bubbly girl! Erika Diane is a new one for me, but I love her editing skills and fun lifestyle vids! She's only 14 and is a huge inspiration of mine because she's such a hard worker. Love these girls!! Go watch their channels!


Such a fun and exciting month this year! I'm out of high school for the first time ever, and just living up life!! This month, we went on a senior trip to Disney World, Universal, and Clearwater in Florida! I had the best time ever with my friends Isabella and Rebecca! So many inside jokes, stories we'll never forget, and LOTS of ice cream. Like I said, we lived it up!

It was also an AWESOME month for Cara's Shops! I learned how to link my clothes on the blog to LTK, stayed on the blogging schedule, made a linktree, reached 1.3k on instagram, and made 2 sales on Like to Know It! Insane!! Pinterest is that the highest monthly views it's ever been at (227k y'all!), and I my first ever pinterest viewer find me on Instagram and DM asking where my dress was from for my senior photos. It was surreal! I couldn't believe someone actually followed me by looking at my pinterest page! I feel like a real influencer.


If you can't tell, my style goes from grungey band tees, to preppy dresses, to western vibes. Also I used my hair waver in almost every pic lol. Y'all go buy it! Everything that's still in stock is linked above! 💕


My fave fashion trend of this month has to be the bright summer colors (hot pink is my fave as of late), white denim shorts, star sneakers, and anything preppy! Forget seersucker and monograms (which tbh I wish would come back because I loved it), but preppy now has a new style and I'm obsessed!! Colors, frilly skirts, Love Shack Fancy, and big monogram letterman-jacket style fonts for tees, crewnecks, and even laptop + makeup cases and bags! Oh, and we can't forget the smiley faces on everything: hats, tees, nails. Like I said, in love is an understatement with this new trend!!


As y'all know now, I've been obsessing over the What We Said podcast (one of my favorites of this month), but I've also been rewatching the Vampire diaries and I can't stop. Netflix y'all. Do yourself a favor and rewatch because it's SO good. I've also been loving good ole Taylor Swift as of late - the lover album being my fave of this month - especially "Daylight."


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I hope y'all enjoyed this long recap! It literally has everything you'd wanna know about my month: what I've been doin', this month's faves, top songs shows and podcasts, latest trends, and everything else you'd wanna know plus more; lol! I hope y'all have a great start to this month and enjoy y'all 4th of July this Sunday!! As always

xo Cara

Favorite quote this month: "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."

Being "lucky" isn't just the world giving you things. You prepped for it, worked for it! Then, when an opportunity approached you, you had the skills to take it!


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