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Life Update & Future Plans

Hi guys!! Long time no see - I have literally been so crazy busy, and so many new life updates have played out these past couple of months: college, boys, new friends, and so much more. I've also been thinking a ton lately about my future plans and careers...a bunch of juicy stuff this blog post sooo let's get into all the details.

  1. I started COLLEGE. Yep. I said that right girls. Well, I actually started college in my teensie tiny hometown. It's not what I always dreamed of as a little girl, ya know decorating your dorm and joining a sorority, it was none of that. And even though I was so unenthused to go here, I turned out to love it. I'm so happy to just be back on a schedule after the Covid pandemic, and just to see people in person. I love all of my professors, my classes are pretty easy this semester, and I'm really just enjoying the college life. I love it! Even though, yes, I stayed home, it's let me meet new people from town I've never talked to and to just enjoy good ole lebanon like I used to before middle and high school - the death years lol.

  2. I've been thinking about life AFTER college. Boutique?? Wedding venue?? Idk y'all. Now that I'm in college, I've learned the money you make in high school that you think is so much, ain't very much at all outside of high school. So that was a big shock to me😂. No more super cute clothes and trendy shoes every pay check. Now I'm thinking about apartments, dogs, new cars, and a business. And on top of that, I've questioned college. Do I really need four years of college to own my own family business - whether that's a boutique or event barn? Or should I just stick with my two free years at school with my scholarship? Then, on top of that, is it time to start my business now? Should I finally make the leap, or is it too soon? I'd love to just go ahead and start with an online boutique, but how do I even begin? Can I do it with school?

I've been thinking so much about this new stuff, but there's just so many life updates to tell y'all. Funny stuff too - HORRIBLE dates, sparking old friendships, talks of starting a podcast, thinking of starting an online boutique, and so much more. So if you have any ideas of new fun things to post about, update me!! I wanna know y'all's thoughts! Love y'all and as always

xo Cara (and happy fall cuties - bunches of new fall content coming soon!)


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Hey, y'all! My name is Cara Kough, and I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school! I love all things fashion, beauty, hair, travel, and food!! Thank y'all so much for listening in; I cannot wait for the next post :)

xo Cara

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