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Review of Demeter's Common - Locally Ran Grocery Store

After my brand shoot at Demeter's Common for Chosen Girl I HAD to write a review ... y'all the cutest store ever!! This small-town grocery has everything you'd want - from farm fresh foods, to hand-drawn coloring books; this hidden gem has got it all!! (the sweetest owner and staff is a plus too *wink*) 🪴🌞

There are so many cute nooks in this store, y'all, but one of my faves has to be this veggie selection (all fresh from local farmer of course)!! I love the adorable sign mentioning Mal's (the coolest store owner) favorite farms she buys from! She also has heaps of farm fresh meats, milk, cheese, and so much more! This girl literally highlights anyone and everyone she can! With local food trucks on Saturdays, to trendy boutique clothes from the square, this sweet lady never fails to showcase others she loves - which I truly feel makes her business boom even more! The atmosphere in this place is AHHHmazing y'all - and the smell of hot tacos cooking in the kitchen just makes it even better!

My fave milk from Mal's store has to be this awesome brand, JD Farms I believe (correct me if I'm wrong y'all haha!). The chocolate milk has to be my fave!! Catherine, the sweetest sales manager at the register, and I agreed that it literally tastes like melted chocolate ice cream *delish*! P.S. if y'all wanna discount, bring back the glass milk jug and Mal will give you a few bucks off 😉 gotta love a good deal!

When I told y'all Demeter's had everything, I wasn't lying! Not only is this wall of grains, pita chips, and oats organic, even the adorable tin cans are for sell! How cute would these be as a vase to some of the gorgeous flowers Mallory sells in-store from Unless Farms! Y'all the flowers are probably the prettiest I have ever seen!!

Even though the food is awesome, y'all know I love the little fun stuff to pair with my fresh foods! I love this bath salt station in the store along with all the greenery!! It makes the place so peaceful inside + the salts smell sooo good! She also has the coolest cookbooks, succulents, soaps, cleaners (thieves included friends), even bamboo toilet paper rolls y'all!

The whole vibe of the store is perfect, but one of my favorite things about the store is it has a piece of everybody in it. Mallory has everything for everybody, and she is makes being herself so so cool! My favorite spot in the store has to be this art wall. It has a little bit of Mal's artwork (inspired by the store, her customer's stories and art ideas, and of course, the goddess of agriculture Demeter!), and gorgeous retro frames to highlight her aesthetic of the store! If you look on the opposite side of the store, you'll see Mal's hand-painted rainbow wall with all the 70s vibes! To top it all off, she even has a statue of Demeter in the front window of the store! I just love how every piece shines through and has meaning! Small businesses are the best y'all.

I saved the best for last, these women, along with the other staff I sadly didn't get to see this Saturday ... truly give off the best light to others! Thank you Mallory and Catherine for allowing me to review y'all's adorable store and for making customers' days daily! I cannot say enough good things about the staff, Mallory Jennings (the fabulous owner), and Demeter's Common.

Thanks for reading this week's blog post! You can find Demeter's Common on instagram here or at their location - Demeter’s Common, 116 N College St, Lebanon, TN 37087. I hope y'all enjoyed this review as much as I did!! I definitely want to keep doing more in the future!! Let me know if y'all have any requests in my DM or type one below! Love y'all and hope you feel inspired by Mallory and her awesome store! 🤍

Xo Cara

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