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The Best Disney World Picture Ideas!

So, last week we spent two days in Disney to celebrate our senior trip with some of my best friends! We had the best time and took SOO many pictures, videos, and tiktoks that I couldn't even count lol! Sooo since we had a bunch of pictures, I thought you'd wanna see the cutest ones we took that were different and supa supa cute!! These pics will be in two parts: one in hollywood studios (the majority of pics were taken here because I loved the 50s & 60s retro vibe it had going on!) + the second is in Disney's most iconic Magic Kingdom!

  1. Hollywood Studios

  • Keystone Clother's Building + Windowsill: This was such a random place we saw walking through the main street of Hollywood Studios! We took a picture in front of the building, but the cutest part had to be the windowsills on the side!

  • Disney & Co. Corner Building: I just happened to snap this pic of the building as we were walking by, but this would be just so cute to take a pic in front of with your besties! Love the colors!

  • Hollywood Tower of Terror Building: We all know this ride for it's popularity because it's so so fun, but the color and retro-style building makes for a super cute picture as well!

  • Scoops Ice Cream: The yummiest ice cream spot in Hollywood Studios - totally recommend their brownie sundae - and a cute pic under their shop's sign!

  • 50's Prime Time Cafe: Again, this was another random shot I took while walking through the park, but how cute would this be for a picture under the sign?! Loved the 50s vibe and cute colors again lol!

2. Magic Kingdom

  • Repunzel's Castle: I feel like this gets overlooked but y'all GO see Repunzel's castle! It looks just like her town with the prettiest lanterns + beautiful wall paintings! My friend had a matching phone case, so we had to take a pic! BUT a picture of you leaning against the wall would be so so cute!

  • Sunshine Tree Terrace: Grabbed a dole whip at this cutie spot, but we noticed the wall art and had to snap a pic! TIP: Disney has the cutest mini murals/little paintings all over each park! I recommend noticing the little places like this to take cute and different pictures!

  • Anywhere around Cinderella's Castle: We all know this is the most basic place to take a picture, but who couldn't stop and take one?! The castle is gorgeous! If you want something a little different, you can totally take a pic beside the castle on Disney's walking bridges located on each side of the castle! So pretty because it has the lake too! If you don't mind taking a pic in front of the castle (I def didn't haha), the pelican pose was my go-to *pictured above*!😉

I hope y'all loved this post, and the little tips throughout it! I had so much fun writing it, and I hope y'all enjoyed reading it! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions leave them in the suggestion box below or DM me here on Instagram! I love and appreciate y'all so much, and as always

xo Cara

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