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Top 5 Cutest Hairstyles You NEED for Spring 2021

The secret's out y'all...everyone welcome to my FIRST ever BLOG post!! *happy tears* I literally cannot believe I have finally done it-y'all I have been wanting to start a blog ever since I started working at Poppie's Boutique, the literal cutest shop in my hometown (lol still cannot believe I work there)! But ANYWAYS...thank y'all so much for showing me constant love and support in these first few months of blogging! I cannot wait for y'all to watch me grow, and I cannot wait to meet new peeps along the way! Just you reading this blog is a HUGE favor, but if you wanted to go above and beyond, I'd love if you could repost my instagram post on your stories and tag me :) ⭐️⭐️FREEBIE: If you just read this and are planning on reposting my post and tagging me, make sure to DM me and say "from the blog"! The first person to repost and DM me wins a FREE starbiez drink! ⭐️⭐️Again, y'all are the sweetest and I am so so so thankful for this opportunity! Now enough of me rambling. Let's hop on in!

A TON of people always ask me my go-to hairstyles when I am at work or in school, so I am here to help you out and give you my fave hairstyles for the moment right now that are perfect for this transition into spring! (so many cute easter hair ideas!) Oh and disclaimer, ALL of these cutie styles are perfect for dirty hair-lol if you know me, y'all know I don't wash my hair for like a week (y'all don't be judging haha)!

The Bubble Braid: For my first, and probably favorite, hairstyle is this super cute spin a normal bubble braid! Btw, my hair was SO dirty in this pic, hence the hat. All you have to do for this cutie look is part your hair in the middle and put it into two ponytails. After this, you make ponytails going all the way down your hair on each side and wrap a piece of hair, using a bobby pin, around each clear elastic you use (I buy my clear elastics and bobby pins from my local Walgreens)! Cute and simple, right? Once you get the hang of it, it will take you 5 min tops! Also, let me know if you would like a tutorial in the future! I am new to this blogging thing, so I would love to hear your feedback, and I LOVE hearing new ideas :)

The Half-Up Double Ponies: Up next, we have the easiest hair style yet, and even though it's simple, it's still so cute!! All I did for this look was throw in a few curls (really, my hair was curled from a few days ago when I took this, I just added a few curls around my face!), but you can leave your hair straight, too; it's really cute no matter what! Next, part your hair down the middle and make two tiny ponytails on each side of you head, I just took two small sections right above my temples! Then, voila, you are done with this super cute and easy style!

The Pull-Through Braid: Out of all these styles, this one can get the most tricky! Again, if you need a tutorial, DM me or email me in the suggestion box at the bottom of my site! I am here to help you, girl!! Now, even though this one is confusing at first, it is my favorite of all time, and once you learn how to do it, it takes like 2 seconds! All you do is put your hair in a side pony. Then, separate your hair into three strands (like you're about to do a basic braid!) Take the two outside strands and wrap those around the middle piece. Take those two wrapped pieces and make another pony. Repeat this all the way down to the end of your hair! Y'all I know this one is more complicated, so keep me updated if you want any tutorials at all, and I'd be happy to make them for you!!

Half-Up Double-Bubble Braid: (lol this is probably the cutest name!) Y'all this is the first time I've ever done this hairstyle but I got SO many compliments on it when I did + it was so easy! All you do is put two tiny ponies above the temples of your head. Then, make a bubble braid all the way down on each side. Then you're done and stylin' my girl! Get prepped for the compliments when you walk out of the house, too lol!

Braided Bun: For my last pick, I decided to go for this easy and elegant braided bun! Start by putting you hair in a low ponytail. Then, braid your ponytail and pull out the sides for a looser, more effortless look. After you do that, just wrap the rest of your hair around the ponytail into a bun! This looks different every time, but it always turns out so cute! I recommend bobby pinning some pieces if they give you trouble and try to fall down! As always, if you have any questions just type it in the suggestion box below or in the 'Contact' tab on the top header menu!

Special Links⭐️

Get my curler here! (Conair 1in curling wand with clamp. Y'all it's also only $11 who can beat that!!-p.s. I don't use the clamp I just wrap my hair around the barrel most times!)

Clear elastics are from Walgreens and Walmart and are linked here!

I use the wet hair brush for extra-thick hair (funny story I broke my last regular wet brush and I BROKE it because my hair was so tangly lol)! It's linked here!

The BEST affordable dry shampoos for blondes are Batiste for only $6 and Hask (my personal fave and only $7) ...Brunettes I still recommend these two, but I'm not sure how they look since I don't have brown hair...I'll ask my friends what they recommend and link it next time!

I hope you love everything and rock each hair style!! If you have any questions ask in the suggestions box below, email me here, or DM me on insta here! Thank you so much for reading my first ever BLOG post!! The support is so needed, and I wouldn't be here without ya! Also, feel free to explore my site; my FAVORITE tabs are the 'About Me' tab, found under "More" in the menu, and the 'My Story' tab, located at the top of the menu as well! They're very special tabs to me because they thank the people who made this blog, and my dreams, possible! On that note, I hope y'all have a happy Thursday friends. Y'all have a great rest of your week!! :)

xo Cara


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