Ultimate Packing List and Tips for Vacation!

It's finally summer, and school is out! That means family and senior trips! Woohoo, the moment we've been waiting for ever since school started back this year!! I'm so excited to give y'all my favorite tips and tricks for packing light + my guide to the ultimate beach packing list! Let's go ahead and start with my favorite three packing tips!

1. Roll your clothes: For starters, we gotta Marie Kondo that suitcase, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, ROLL your clothes! This gives your suitcase so much more room for other clunkier items like shoes, hair tools, and other misc. items!

2. Dryer sheets, y'all: Put dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep clothes fresh and clean! Y'all don't wanna be stinkin on vacay lol!

3. Bring extra bags: This is a given, but bring extra foldable bags in your suitcase for dirty clothes, swimsuits, and new clothes or buys from your trip!

I know those tips are pretty simple, and you may have already used them, but I wanted to share them just in case y'all hadn't known them already! Now on to my packing list!! I wrote everything down I packed for my vacation this year, but let me know if y'all have anything I think to add, or if you want more personalized packing options (men, women, daughter, baby, etc.)!

Thank y'all for reading this Sunday's short little post! So happy to be in Disney + to celebrate us finally graduating! So many stories and fun details to come in the upcoming Weekly Update #4! Love y'all, as always...

xo Cara

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