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Weekly Recap #2

Happy Monday y'all. I'm actually getting into the recap at the start of the week like I'm supposed to so yay me haha!! I hope y'all enjoyed last week's recap (I posted a little late because of graduation craziness - but hey a for effort)! This week is going to be kinda a gyst week. I don't have much to do since it's the first week out of school. I'm really just working and hanging with friends! Be ready for the upcoming week's post though for travel blogs, packing tips, and so much more stuff I LOVE and aspire to blog about everyday!!

I know I get annoying but I can't thank y'all enough for helping me live out my dream! I've always wanted to be a magazine fashion writer who gave tips on all the gorgeous fabrics for each month or the hottest couple of the year. I just geek out over that stuff and writing in this platform is such a dream! And that leads me to remind y'all...just go for your dreams girls! Wanted to start a youtube channel since you were 9, start vlogging today! Wanna start saving for that dream Jeep or truck but it seems to daunting, just start saving little by little. The truth of the fact is, no one really cares what you do. If you fail, get back up again! If you realize the dream isn't all what it cracked up to be, move on to something else. You just have to at least try. You don't wanna live your life knowing you always wanted to do something, but never even tried it! It's one of those things that's wayy easier said than done, but I'm telling you - you will be proud you did the dang thing! But that's enough of my TED talk . . . let's get into what ya girl did this week!

This Week's IG Post

This week's insta post showed off my bestie Emma and our beautiful graduation party! The balloon arch really was the prettiest part omg! So thankful for graduating high school and getting to see all my friends and family that Saturday!

What I've Been Doin'

Monday, May 24th

Started this Monday off right with a morning jog, and checking off my to-do list! I took my car to get the oil changed (ugh), but got to spend time with bestie chlo chlo in the mean time. We played tennis, did some shopping, and basically died in the 90 degree heat (our mistake to decide to play tennis lol). Even though the heat was miserable, I highly recommend doing something fun outside with your friends!! It's so fun, gives you fresh air, and the exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy (as Elle Woods says)!

Tennis fit deets: top free people//iddy and oscar's, joggers are from lululemon, and old sneakers are from nike (they're so old they don't make them anymore, so I linked a similar one here lol), sunglasses are from quay + they're my faves ever!

Work fit deets: hat is from target, bodysuit is lizard thicket (sold out but similar top is linked here), jeans are american eagle, and shoes are steve madden!

Tuesday, May 25th

Woke up and went on another mile run before I got ready! Did some orders at work today, and then went home to write on a few blog posts that took me about 3 hours! So happy it was such a successful and productive work day.

Fit deets: hat is from urban, top (out of stock but similar item is linked here 😚) and shorts are american eagle, shoes are rack room, and earrings and bracelet/necklace are mary kathryn!

Wednesday, May 26th

Skipped my run this morning, and wasn't very on top of my health game; HOWEVER, I did get so much good blog work done today on the tech side (which if y'all don't already know, is not my strong suit)! I learned Youtube answers almost all my questions + that a site tag is not as complicated as it sounds lol! Besides that, I ran a few errands: cleaned my car, ran to the bank, and picked up chlo chlo from auto shop while she got her oil changed, and did a Poppie's photoshoot!

Outfit deets: supa proud of my editing skills in this pic - I am definitely getting better so yay!! Sweater is Poppie's from forever ago so here's a similar one, jeans are also sold out from American eagle but a similar pair is linked here, and shoes are the same sandals I wore yesterday lol!

Thursday, May 27th

Started out my Thursday at the dermatologist #acneprobs lol, and then headed to Poppie's to film my weekly launch try-on haul! If you ever have any recs pls DM me and I will totally post an outfit you need (wedding guest dress options, casual fits, etc.). This week y'all requested casual + beach outfits and I delivered! After Poppie's, I met up with some besties and we ate lunch in Murfreesboro and then shopped the avenue for some senior trip vacay outfits! We got some GOOD stuff - haul to come! Finished off the night with a boat ride, dinner on the lake, and a movie night + sleepover with my girls! Such a happy day :) Only thing I'd do different is take more pictures lol!

1st outfit pic: entire outfit is lizard thicket!! top linked here; shorts linked here!

last pic deets: oversized tee is urban outfitters! biker shorts are American Eagle, and hi-tops are Poppie's Boutique.

Friday, May 28th

Very chill and happy day today! I went home from our sleepover and immediately went to the computer to write about our night because it was so fun!! I worked on the blog for a few hours, listened to a podcast while I finished out this past week's orders, and am now watching Disney movies after I got home lol (gotta prepare before we go to Disney and the beach next weekend YAY)!! I hope y'all have a happy Friday and enjoyed a good Friday post; love y'all!

fit deets: sweatshirt is chosen girl, jeans are American Eagle, and high tops are Poppie's Boutique!

Last Week's Posts

Day In the Life of a High School Blogger This post is all about how I typically spend my Saturday's and what all I do in a work day!

Weekly Recap #1 This was my first weekly recap and I loved writing it! I talk about my my week, my daily outfits, goals, inspo, and latest happenings!

This Week's Goals + Inspo

Pretty productive this week which I am super happy about! I've really been working behind the scenes of the blog, and I've been proving to myself that I'm not that horrible with technology after all! So proud of my accomplishments this week: I bought my domain, updated my website to premium, applied for google ads, linked my domain to Pinterest, grew to 31k Pinterest viewers, and applied for RewardStyle! I know that doesn't matter to y'all, but I wanna write that to look back on when I get older.

But anyways...I'm also enjoying that school is out and high school is over so much! Even though it's bittersweet, I'm excited for the next few years of my life and I've been brainstorming vision board ideas all week lol! None of y'all asked for one, but I'm definitely about to make a vision board post haha, so be on the lookout for that!!

With that, I'd say my biggest advice for this week is to look back on how far you've come. I love making these weekly recaps because they're more like a diary entry than a blog post. I know they aren't very popular or exciting, but I enjoy writing the outfit recaps, the daily entries, and reflecting on my week + what I've learned! I'm so happy the blog has allowed me to really think back on each week, be proud of what I did (even if I feel like it's not much, once I write it out I see I did a lot), and reflect + give y'all advice on what I learned! This blog was for sure a god thing, and I'm so happy my Grandaddy was the one who got me to see that! If y'all don't know what I'm talking about, go read my story here to tell y'all about how I started the blog and why it's so important to me!

So, look back on y'alls weeks! It's easier for me since it's now my job, but I highly recommend it! You'll be proud of what you've done + you can give yourself your own advice from the mistakes or wins you made! I've always been an avid believer in always trying to better yourself + grow into a kinder person, and I think this advice will really help do that!

I hope y'all all have a good week and a happy Friday, friends! Know that whatever you did this week, good or bad, you learned something, and you can grow from it! I love y'all girls and as always

xo Cara

"Today I pause, reflect and reset on what I need to. I know I am free to start over again at any time."

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Hey, y'all! My name is Cara Kough, and I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school! I love all things fashion, beauty, hair, travel, and food!! Thank y'all so much for listening in; I cannot wait for the next post :)

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