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Weekly Recap #3

Wow, y'all! I cannot believe it's already time to write weekly recap THREE!! So many crazy, fun things have happened last week and I can't wait to tell all of y'all about it! Last week's faves: Getting accepted into LikeToKnowIt (OMG!!!!), spending the weekend at my besties on the lake for memorial day, hitting 56,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest, and so much more it's hard to even think!! Thank y'all for being my biggest supporters + helping me reach these milestones! This week is pretty chill, I came off a fun and busy memorial day weekend and regrouped on Tuesday to get some work done before we leave for Disney and the beach on Saturday!

This Week's IG Post

No post this week - I've found that I get more of my audience's reach when I post every other week! But don't worry, sooo many Disney + beach vacay pics to come next week!

What I've Been Doin'

Monday, May 31st

Happy Memorial day, y'all! I hope everyone's day was filled with sun, friends, family, and tons of honor for our fallen vets! I celebrated the day with my bestie Isabella and her sweet family by going out on the lake and enjoying the boat, good food, and quality time just talking + being off our phones! I think Isabella and I both got a little tan too lol! We finished the day off with snow cones from my fave place Pelican's Sno Balls (of course) + pranked our friend Rebecca that night! Such a fun day!

Tuesday, June 1st

Now happy first day of the Month, y'all! It's a fresh start to your month and I hope you spend. it with new goals + accomplishments for the summer! I started off my day fulfilling orders at work, then writing to-do lists, June goals at Cara's Shops, and got caught up on the blog! Spending the rest of my night cleaning, finishing some laundry, and getting a head start to my June goals for the month! I love to get a fresh start on my month by having everything clean and prepped for the week (of y'all can't already tell, I'm a planner)!

Wednesday, June 2nd

Started off my morning working on instagram and facebook! After that, I got ready for work and did a try-on and photoshoot for the Poppie's website! Finished up my night with my bestie Trista! We worked out (leg day y'all) and then went and ate dinner at Chickfila (but don't worry, we got grilled chicken sandwiches instead of fried lol)!

Thursday, June 3rd

Woke up and met Trista at the gym! After our arm day, I went home and started getting ready to go to the Sheriff's Department to pick up a scholarship! *insert cute pic of the Sheriff and dad!* (Thank you TSA and Wilson County Sheriff's Dept. for awarding these scholarships!) Then, went back home to start packing for vacation + prepped all my outfit photos for next week while I'll be gone!! I went to work around 3 and then met Chloe to go see Cruella!! Literally first time I've been to a movie theater in over two years!! SO happy omg! We had all the popcorn and candy lol! Oh, and the movie was AMAZING.

Friday, June 4th

Woke up SO sore today, oh. my. gosh. My legs have never hurt this bad! Then got everything together blog-wise before I leave for vacay tomorrow morning! I'm stressed to the MAX y'all! But no worries because I'll be in Disney with my best friends in ONE DAY!! So so excited! So many pictures to come! Anyways, tonight I'm going to work to finish orders for the week! Then I'm going to get a spray tan for the beach + Disney tomorrow! I'll finish my night tonight by nervous-packing and prepping Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for posts next week!

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This Week's Goals + Inspo

This week I really noticed myself being down and sad. I've felt like this on and off for a while: feeling like I always need to be out with friends, staying out late, etc. Then I started thinking, why do I always feel like this? I used to always enjoy being inside and watching movies and working on my goals and blog. But this year I just feel like I always need to be with friends or out late at night so I'm not home alone. I realized the reason I feel like this is because I constantly see people out every night with friends on snapchat. Not that it's not okay to be out everyday, but I always find it overwhelming to always go out.

So not only have I been stressed to go out, but I also don't even want to be out every night. Anyways, since I'm in this weird game with myself and my mentality I decided to take a social media cleanse because my friend happened to mention it to me. I thought it was a perfect idea and so far I've been loving it lol! I may be a nerd, but not constantly watching other's do things keeps you from feeling like you need to constantly be working, doing, etc.

So my advice for this week is, take a break! I just deleted snapchat for my 'cleanse' (because my job is on instagram, facebook, and pinterest)! But I have really enjoyed it + have found so much more time to get blog things done, work on social media, and spend time with my family + friends without having to take pictures or post it!

So if you have been feeling sad or in a slump, I highly recommend this! Even if you only do it for a day or week! It's kinda crazy how much extra time you have once you do it!

Goals I accomplished this week: (I recommend you writing this out as I do, so you can see how far you've come in a week - sometimes we feel overworked or unproductive because we forget to look back on all the progress we've made!)

  1. uploaded my LTK highlight reel to IG + FB

  2. 3-5 IG, Pinterest, Facebook, and LTK posts this week on each platform!

  3. Learned to make canva graphics for LTK

  4. uploaded all of my outfits to LTK and scheduled them before I went on my trip

  5. uploaded all canva posts to LTK for my trip

  6. worked out twice this week!

I hope y'all have a great rest of y'all's weekend! So many senior trip pics to come! As always,

xo Cara

"Sometimes you gotta get offline and get your life right!"

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Hey, y'all! My name is Cara Kough, and I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school! I love all things fashion, beauty, hair, travel, and food!! Thank y'all so much for listening in; I cannot wait for the next post :)

xo Cara

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