Weekly Recap #4

Hi guys!! I hope y'all are having the best week ever! I can't believe it's already been the fourth weekly recap I've made - that's a month's worth of blogs omg! I also hope y'all have been enjoying the Friday blog posts! I know I have!

Anyways, this week has been awesome for my friends and I! We've spent half the week in Disney and Universal, and the other half of our week will be spent relaxing at the beach!! LITERALLY so much fun + so many inside jokes lol! As you can tell, I'm super excited for this week's posts, so let's just get into it!

This Week's IG Posts

This week's post flexed my besties + my trip to Disney's Hollywood studios! I was obsessed with all the colors and retro vibes there + the rides didn't disappoint! Definitely the park with the cutest pictures spots at every single corner or building (besides the castle in Magic Kingdom of course!)!

Had to make two posts in one week because we went to Disney AND the beach + I wanted to show off my new romper from Lizard Thicket! How cute?!

What I've Been Doin'

Monday, June 7th

So, I'll start with a recap of our weekend for a better understanding of our schedule lol. Saturday we spent the day traveling to Florida! We took about an hour and a half flight and landed in Orlando around 3pm! Sunday, we spent our first day in Disney at Magic Kingdom *see cute castle pic above*! So, that takes me into today! We spent the majority of our week at Disney, but we split our Disney days up by adding a day at Universal in-between! So we started our day by walking to Universal from our hotel room!

We rode a Harry Potter ride first - Gringott's bank- it was amazing! Then, we took Hagrid's train to Jurassic Park and rode the newest Velocicoaster ride - so fun!! We rode a ton of rides the rest of the day, and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner that night. We ate at this delicious restaurant in Universal's City Walk called Cowfish! They had sushi, burgers, and burgerushis (a mix of burgers + sushi) it was amazing! We finished out our night by taking tons of pics + getting dessert at the Chocolate Emporium! They had the most extravagant shakes ever! So cute, and tasty )but not the best I've ever had) I'd rate 8/10!

outfit details: gingham top is lizard thicket, white jean shorts are AE, and shoes are rackroom!

disney outfit: tee is etsy, white jeans shorts are AE, ears are Disney, and shoes are steve madden!

Tuesday, June 8th

We started our day off actually at the wrong park lol-we went to Animal Kingdom first, and evidently we were supposed the start the day off in Hollywood studios (we had hopper passes) but that's okay lol! We ended up heading to Hollywood studios and rode a TON of rides + took so many pics because this park had to be the cutest with it's pink 60s theme *my fav color*! The Tower of Terror + Star Wars Millenial Falcon had to be the best rides there! We ended up leaving the park (we took a bunch of pics before we left don't worry hehe) around 5 + took a shuttle to Animal Kingdom. We didn't realize the park closed at seven though so we only got to ride the Pandora ride - but it was AMAZING!!! HIGHLY recommend! We ended the night by taking a ton of shuttles to try and get to Disney Springs but we got off at the wrong bus station lol! So, we ended up just calling it a night and headed back to the hotel! Super fun and chill day!

outfit details: top is altard state, shorts are AE, ears are Disney, and shoes are adidas.

Wednesday, June 9th

Packed this a.m. and ate starbz and doughnuts for breakfast! We ended up driving to the beach for the rest of our trip in Clearwater, Florida! We ate at a cute little rinky-dink seafood diner once we hit Clearwater for lunch, and tried grouper for the first time! Not my favorite, but still pretty good haha! After lunch, we headed to our hotel, got settled, and made a bee-line for the beach! We finished up our night by walking to dinner at Cesare's At the Beach - a family-run little Italian restaurant with the best crab ravioli I've ever had! After dinner we went to a little supermarket + got supplies to make pb and j's for lunch the rest of the week (and koolaid jammers of course!)! We headed home after shopping, but had to get ice cream from a local shop across the street from our hotel! It was the best ice cream we've had so far on the trip - totally recommend the peanut butter fudge ice cream if you ever make it out here!

outfit details: romper is lizard thicket, shoes are rackroom, sunnies are quay australia, and bracelet is mary kathryn!

Thursday, June 10th

Spent the morning getting ready for the beach + packing pb & j's and koolaid jammers for lunch! We spent the day taking pictures, relaxing, and tanning on the sand! Oh, and Isabella edited these beautiful pics with Tom Holland's face in the background ahahah! We were cracking up! We got ice cream around two (at the same place lol), and then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner! We ate at Salty's Island Bar that was less than a minute of a walk away - SO good! I got the cajun chicken pasta. After that, we walked to Pier 60 and watched the sunset! Finished the night with another round of ice cream (we do vacay right here y'all AND at the same place again)! I'm sure the workers there loved us lol!

outfit details: knit tube top is lizard thicket, bag is target, jeans are AE, sunnies are quay, and shoes are Dreams Boutique in Lebanon, TN!

bikini deets: top is pink lily, bottoms are old navy, sunnies are quay

Friday, June 11th

Slept in til around 9am + got dressed and ready to go shopping! Y'all know my fave thing! We started off at starbz of course and then went to surf style and got beachy tees, cute shorts, and other cute goodies! Isabella and Bec got hennas too! After shopping, we went back to the resort and got ready to go to the beach! We stayed there until 6ish: took some pics, walked the shore, and ate lunch. The rest of the night was super chill - we just ordered room service, watched tiktoks in bed, and took self-timer pics at sunset until we wanted to go get our last round of ice cream before we left tomorrow! So sad!! We don't wanna leave lol!

outfit details: bikini top + bottoms are AE, sunnies are quay, tee is surf style, and clip is urban outfitters

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This Week's Goals + Inspo

Learned a lot this week, but so much went on it's almost hard to remember! Looking back, I'd say the biggest thing I learned is that the unknown is okay. While in Disney, we had to uber everywhere since it was just us girls and we flew to Florida! We happened to meet Kevin, a crazy but sweet man who asked a ton of questions: what happens if your college plans don't work out? What if you flunk out? What if you choose the wrong path? I was overwhelmed with his question as he started with me, and headed down the line of our friend group. Once he got to Isabella, she responded, "I'll just follow God's plan." That's all she had to say, and that's all she needed to. Kevin eventually was stumped by her response.

All we have to do is follow God's plan. We don't need to know exactly what we're doing our entire life. If something happens where college, a relationship, or whatever doesn't end up working out, we just follow him. The unknown is okay because we have God to lead us in a different, better direction.

So my advice for this week is that if you happen to feel stuck in this transition of life your in, know the unknown is God working on you. This confused mindset your in is God's way of changing your direction for the better, and that's all we want as believers!

Now on to goals. My goal this week was to be present! After I deleted snapchat, I saw myself contemplating getting it back just for something to do. Something to touch on my phone, or to text random people who I don't even talk to in-person. However, I stuck to my ground and would do something else, read on the beach, work on the blog, etc. And it was SO fun! My friends and. had the best time and I'm so happy I wasn't glued to my phone so I wouldn't miss out!

Anyways, I hope everyone has as great of a week as we had! I know it rained a ton in our hometown, but I hope y'all enjoyed it and stayed cozy and home! Love y'all and as always

xo Cara

Trust God more than your challenges and desires. He is creating a better life for you in the midst of the chaos.

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