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Weekly Recap #5

Happy Monday, y'all!! Or Friday (since it's the day this blog goes live), or whatever day you're reading this lol! Heads up this is going to be a super chill weekly blog! Not too much is going on this week really just running errands and staying home! Recently I've felt pretty overwhelmed, and last week was a great relaxing trip away from work + social media so I really enjoyed my little break! But, I realized I kinda need a social break to recharge from last week lol! Luckily, my break has kinda gotten me inspired to write so much for y'all this week, so stay tuned for several surprise blog posts this week! Yay! Now let's hop on into it!

This Week's IG Posts

No posts this week, but their may or may not be one coming this weekend 😙 stay tuned!

What I've Been Doin

Monday, June 14th

Pretty chill and productive day today. I went into work around 9am and it was so nice to see my work fam since I've been gone on vacation last week! After I shipped all of our preorders out (if y'all ordered a hot pink jumpsuit, it's comin y'alls way 😉) I headed home to make lunch and rest. I ended up unintentionally finishing my book from the beach (if you're interested it's called "Mr. Nobody" by Catherine Steadman and I HIGHLY recommend if you love suspenseful reads like I do - also pretty short and you don't wanna put the book down once you've started reading!). Anyways, kinda went off on a tangent there lol, but I stopped reading around six and headed to walgreens to pick up some photos for a blog post coming up, then went by kroger and got some flowers (y'all know I was missin my flowers when I got back from vacay), and then finished up my errands by getting a spray tan at sun tan city. Fun fact: I almost did a Ross (if you know what I'm talking about your a real one) and got 2 twos!! lol...but seriously the machine didn't tell me what poses to do and I got sprayed in the front twice 🙃 but it's okay haha I think I ended up making it work out fine, but I mean we'll see how I look tomorrow after I rinse off. Update to come.

Random note: also got super touched today by my favorite podcast called "What We Said." One, because the girls who host it are best friends and just correlate with me so much. Everything they talk about is so funny, sweet, and the just seem so raw and real. Anyways, a few weeks ago I started listening to their podcast from the very beginning and I landed on one where they talked about religion (it's an older one, since I've been listening to the beginning episodes), but it was so real and resignated with me so so much. I know it was very controversial and nerve-racking for them to post, but I'm so grateful they did because it made me feel so much relief in my beliefs. I highly recommend giving it a read and I may even do a blog post about it sometime this week if it's still heavy on my heart, but if you've been feeling blue or down or lost in anyway (like I have so much these past two years) I really recommend giving it a listen. What We Said Podcast: Episode 14: Mormon Culture.

Tuesday, June 15th

Good morning friends! Well, I'm writing this in the am...I'm not sure when you are, but if it's the morning, happy morning lol! I started my day off by making some website modifications and adding my Like to Know It feed to my website (go me, I'm not technically challenged anymoreI feel lol! I even contacted wix support which is a big deal for me because I'm usually wayyy to nervous to do that - soooo yay me)! While I did some web updates, I filmed a tiktok and then got on a call for Like To Know It which was super exciting to actually get on calls for my side-hustle! After that, I got ready, went to the library to renew a book, and then headed to work! After work, I headed home for dinner and then met up with bestie Chlo Chlo to play tennis and catch up since I've been gone on vacay. I missed her SO much!

Wednesday, June 16th

Happy Wednesday! Another chill day today! I woke up this morning, and made my bed. Then, I got inspired to write and wrote a surprise blog post! Check it out here - it's an outfit guide post for the beach! Then I got ready for work and did a photoshoot for tomorrow's launch at Poppie's and went home to work on my vision board after that! Super relaxing night that ended in a content planning course, notes, and sleep.

Thursday, June 17th

A lot of learning today. I started my day off pretty stressed and irritable, sadly. I'd rather tell y'all something happier but I gotta be real with y'all! Luckily, I ended my day at work, and got to spend time with my boss and just talk about life, traveling, and funny moments. Y'all, when I tell y'all it made my whole day, that's almost an understatement. She inspired me to love my writing more because it makes me happy to get my emotions all out, and to document my experience! It was so nice to finally catch up and it taught me to just try and love more because I always feel like that's one of Sarah's strong suits! Anyways, not much else went on today besides a bunch of productive organizing at work, filmed my try-on, and got some blog stuff done. Happy day besides my rocky start!

Friday, June 18th

Happy Friday y'al! I've had such a great start this morning compared to yesterday thank the lord! Started my morning with some coffee, greeting my sweet dogs Kilo and Molly, and then started filming my first EVER youtube video!! Y'all heard that right! The thing everyone's been asking for hehe! So if y'all have any recommendations for videos please leave them in my suggestion box or DM me here! Yay!!

Today's agenda involves planning, uploading this blog post, fulfilling orders and helping with our sale at work, and then maybe going to see my bestie Isabella after work today to hangout and catch up! Such a sweet day for friends and productivity!

This Week's Goals and Inspo

My inspo this week came from my sweet boss, Sarah and my friend Isabella and her mama Donna! My mom and I were sitting on the couch last night just talking and she happened to repost a picture of me announcing a new blog post on facebook. Y'all know how moms are on facebook! lol. Anyways, everyone started commenting with sweet things and one of the ladies who commented was Mrs. Donna (Isabella's Momma) and mom goes, "I realize one of the reasons I love Isabella and Donna (love y'all hehe) so so much! They're both you biggest cheerleader no matter what! They just want you to grow no matter who you are." And I thought that is so true! And I started thinking, "Sarah is just like that too Momma!" And mom and I just talked over everything and came to the conclusion that these women care about you no matter what. They're never jealous, only supportive.

So, that leads me into my advice for the week: replace your jealousy with encouragement! Tell the people you inspire to be (or are jealous of, because that's human nature) that they're doing great and inspiring you to work harder or dress cuter or whatever it is that you'd love to be/do too! Not only does it make their day, but it makes you happier too! Instead of the sour aftermath jealous gives you, you can have a sweet convo with a girl who you inspire to be like and you'll leave feeling passionate and happy. Human connection releases endorphins I swear y'all, And endorphins make you happy!

If you wanna take this advice with me, my goal for this week is to replace jealousy with encouragement. Love others as you love yourself. We got this! I know it's easier said than done, but maybe just try it one day this week. I promise, it'll change the way you think girl!

I hope y'all have a great rest of your week and go into a happy weekend! Make someone smile today. Love y'all and as always,

xo Cara

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women cheering her on!"

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