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Weekly Recap #9

Happy mid-july week lol! It's such an awkward week to intro so I'm just going with that haha. I hope everyone is having a great week and a happy friday! I've already been thinking about school and how crazy that it's only a little over a month away!! What the heck...I'm excited but honestly not ready to go back just yet, but we'll see as time comes! Anyways...let's get into this week's shenanigans.


Monday, July 12th

Today we had a cleaning lady named Ashley come to clean the house so I had to be out of the house around 8am! I went to Split Bean to work on some youtube and instagram content, then I went to the library to pick up a new summer book, and went to get my car washed after that to kill some time haha. I went and picked up lunch at noon and met my mom at work to eat together. It was nice to just talk and eat :) Finished off my day at work and went home to spray paint a rolling cart for beside my desk!

Tuesday, July 13th

Super chill morning: edited my youtube video, made breakfast (and coffee of course), and caught up on some emails. I got ready for work, we're taking pictures today instead of your regular wednesday photo sesh! Changin' it up lol! After that, I went home and finished spray painting my cart for my desk.

Wednesday, July 14th

Took a mental break today and really did nothing but watch TV! :) no work at poppie's so I took my "saturday" off today haha.

Thursday, July 15th

Took some chosen girl pics today for their new "Jesus loves you" edit! It's so cute!! Go check out their website here! I got myself a starbz today, chatted with my girls from work, and had a much better day than yesterday. Still a little down, but was happy to take pictures and treat myself.

Friday, July 16th

Went to my 8am gym class this morning and sat in the steam room for a long time haha. I really needed it! Working out is such a great stress reliever for me so it was really nice to just enjoy that today! After a sweaty pump class, I went home and make breakfast, showered, and started filming a vlog for today! So fun! Youtube has been such a great creative outlet for me and I've been loving it so much! I can't wait to borrow my parents' camera soon! I'm just waiting on the tripod so I can get less-blurry videos haha! Growth is coming over on yt for me!

But back to my day lol, not much crazy has happened. I'm gonna call and set an appointment with a financial advisor, finish today's blog, film, finish spray painting that dang cart, fulfill orders at work, and get a spray tan! I hope y'all have a great rest of your week and rest up for the weekend!


If you didn't know, I recently started a youtube channel!! *exciting*!! I'm so happy to finally announce this and show y'all what I've been working on! Check out my first ever video below!


Weekly Update #8

3 Summer Brands You Need Right Now


This week I wanted to discuss focusing on yourself! Lately, I have been so down and sad honestly. It's hard for me not to laugh while typing that because it's so goofy/sad to say, but I'm trying to be real and not say "lol" or "haha". I've really been in such a rut lately with myself, my emotions, and the people I'm surrounded by.

I was talking to my dad, if y'all don't know my dad BJ is actually my step-dad, but I call him my dad because he goes above and beyond to take care of me and loves me so much! So if I'm talking about Dad, it's him haha! But anyways, he told me, try worrying less about her or him or whoever, I need to be worrying about Cara.

I realized then, I never think about myself. I spend so much time in my room working and watching youtube or reading that I sit and worry about others and if I did something wrong, when I need to be doing stuff for me. Does working ou make me happy? Does working get my mind off things? Going for a walk? Treating myself to coffee? Getting outside by the pool and seeing friends? Youtube?

All of that stuff makes me feel so good and happy. It keeps my mind off being sad, and gets me back in touch with me and what I love doing. So, my goal for this week is to focus on me, with no shame or guilt for not focusing on someone else. We all need time to ourselves sometimes because it's human nature. So, I hope this inspires you to do the same if you feel you need it. Love y'all and hope y'all are doing okay and giving yourself grace. As always

xo Cara

" If not now, when?"

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Hey, y'all! My name is Cara Kough, and I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school! I love all things fashion, beauty, hair, travel, and food!! Thank y'all so much for listening in; I cannot wait for the next post :)

xo Cara

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