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What To Bring on Your Dream Picnic

Literally the biggest trend of 2021 has to be the influencer-inspired, instagramable picnic pics every girl has ever dreamed of. They're elaborate, french-styled, and just overall boujee. We all want these perfect picture-worthy picnics with our besties or boyfriends. So I am here how to do just that - affordably lol. (y'all know a girl's broke as a joke)! PS BOYS do this to impress a girl . . . here we go!

Blanket: Obviously you need a supa cute base for your insta-worthy picnic. My bestie and I bought this grandma quilt for $4 at a thrift store in our home town lol!

🌞check goodwill, grandma's house, your house, bargain hunt, etc.

🌞if you really just want to buy it I LOVE this one from amazon! (but I promise someone has a blanket somewhere - it'd even be cute if it was just a solid color)

Flowers: Get a TON of flowers. We literally just bought a bunch at kroger for like $6 each (cheapppp)! Go get y'all some, pose with them, use as background props, and display later in your room after pics!

Cake: Hack - buy a small sheet cake for like $5 (they're all good lol). We decorated ours with the berries and it turned out so cute!!

Fruit: We bought grapes, one grapefruit, and berries. $10 total.

Bread: Delicious - buy from the grocery store bakery!! This is what really makes your picnic look fancy, but is supa affordable! We bought a long one and a circle one! The designs were so cute!!

Wood Boards: I just stole a cutting board from my house haha!! I'm telling y'all the cutest pieces are the random things we found lying right under our noses!

🌞check goodwill for cute and cheap cutting boards - I'm sure they have something

🌞check your house girl!!

🌞butttt here's a set of three from amazon if your just wanna buy some :)

Pillows: Take the pillows from your bed lol!! ZERO DOLLARS Y'ALL.

🌞target has my fave throw pillows so check out their entire selection here, but my favorite of their selection right now has to be these *swoon*!!

Other accessories: Other fun options to bring (from your house or borrow from your grandma) - old suitcases, vases for flowers, wine glasses, champagne/drinks, hats, old cameras/polaroids, picnic basket, cheese, record players . . . it's the little things that make for the best pics I'm telling y'all!

🌞I mean if you really wanna go all out and have the money to spend . . . this 😍

🌞everyone's dream record player

🌞I love these big blue vintage mason jars as flower vases!!

🌞cute polaroid!!

I linked a ton of goodies if you're in the market to purchase, but you can totally set up this gorgeous picnic with things you have at home!! I love that these pictures turn out cute and different with everyone because we all have different decor items at home!! Remember, it's not about how expensive it is - but how you style it and make it your own!!

If y'all liked this post leave me a comment down below in the suggestions box!! I love y'all's feedback and ideas so message me or DM me here if you have any posts you're dying to see!!

Good luck beauties and I hope y'all make the cutest picnics ever!! Love y'all as always

xo Cara 😙

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