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my story

In winter of early 2020, my momma, my dad, my sweet aunt Rachel, and several other family members and I put together a small celebration to honor my grandaddy, Ralph's, passing. What we thought was going to be a quaint gathering put together short-handed, turned out to be a really sweet and sentimental collection of all his work and memories (the man built just about anything you told him to). I loved the feeling of everyone coming together and seeing all of his hard work he created throughout his life. From that day on, he inspired me to do what I love just as he had done. Little did I know what him and the Lord were telling me!


Grandaddy was always known for his entrepreneurial spirit. I guess I got that from him. For as long as I can remember, I was drawing, filming 'youtube videos' in my room on my iPod, or playing shop with the neighborhood kids, lord help my parents lol. But anyways, I always loved giving *hopefully* helpful advice to people, and above that, I loved the idea of doing something on my own: owning a business, a boutique, a shop, a cafe, a fashion blog. I never realized I would learn so quickly what I was called to do when I lost someone I love so much. Now, gratefully, I am here following my dreams and listening to Grandaddy's advice along the way.

Much like me, I hope you girls, or guys, find this blog as an inspiration to follow your dreams and God's plan. If there is anything I have learned, it's that the people you love most are beside you the entire time!

xo Cara Kough and the Williams Family 


Momma and I Thanksgiving 2020


Grandaddy in January 1980


Grandma and I in December 2018

Dad and I in March 2021

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